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Recurring Tasks Disappear
Anyway to set recurring reminders (until task is completed)
Is it possible to split some lines of text to individual task?
How to I edit "Inbox", "Today" and "Next 7 days" titles so I can add emoticons to them?
Why do tasks do not show ass assigned to myself
Vedere Upload offline
For admin rights,I want to see whole my teams karma point.Is it possible ?
Easier audio note implementation
Filters code not showing in some of my filters and showing in others
Assigned tasks don't appear in filter on ios version
I would like to assign tasks to people who don't use the app
Add pipedrive tasks
easier way to add subtask to a parent that is at the top of the list of tasks?
Einblendungen im Arbeitsbereich
Link Outlook emails from mobile device
Export project tasks
Tags carry over on repeated tasks
Choose Specific Filter List to Show in Widget
App really slow