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Permanent (repeatable) lists
todoist always shwos "New version is available"
How can I open my email on my iPhone and add it to my task list from the phone not Outlook on the desktop?
Todoist is very limited in viewing tasks longer ahead than 7 days.
Text to small
Filter for 2016
Duplicate a task
done tasks a deleted
Request: Activating Global Hotkey "Show/Hide Todoist" should place the cursor by default in the search box
Request: Make it easier to specify which project a task belongs to by adding the "project selection textbox," available on task creation, to the "edit dialog."
Not all files are available in Google Drive
Repeat event in more than on day
Bar task Outlook is empty
Anyway to search tasks that have reminders
Can I see iCal or GCal items in Todoist?
Recurring dates
Lockscreen view is blank
Send tasks to project in ipad
Loose Grab Bar