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iOS subtasks
recurring tasks indication
Needed Feature: "Star" or other option to Manually select tasks
Picture Orientation wrong on Android App for pictures taken on the Android device
how o copy an URL to a ical calendar?
Making Gmail the default email opener
Turning off email notifications
Gmail Plugin Shows Blank Window
Do yo add Field Detail or description for project item?
Next 7 Days
Sort & Print by Project
Off line version now working
Info screens too small. See previous question.
Is there an easy way to add a location reminder for every task in a label?
todoist premium with outlook
GMail plug-in not working with preview pane
Windows are too narrow. I must scroll to see even the simplest info. Why are the windows not compliant with standard Apple protocols.
Complaint: all the instructions are done with videos. We live in an RV and have very limited bandwidth. Could you please add instructions in text as well, or at least provide a transcript.
Outlook add-in steals focus from Outlook breaking shortcut keys
Dropbox sign in failure