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Completed tasks not displayed
More bugs with every upgrade (3 major ones recently)
Is there a way to delete a project, and automatically have all associated tasks delete as well?
Problem to add new task
How can I choose NOT to display tasks from a shared project in my inbox?
Bugs on the new appli
can you don't delete task with due date upon complete
problem with team inbox
my account is in French, how I can change the language in English?
No Labels on Axes of "Productivity Trend" Graph
How can i locate and merge tasks that i entered twice by mistake
How to disable it?
Como organizar etiquetas por orden alfabético
How do I revoke my purchase and continue to stay on free trial? I didn't know when I hit the "buy now" that I would literally purchase the service. Please help!
add functions
Some filters don't work on both Android widjet and application
Is there any way to create a project directly from a task?
Can I email a task to my Todist if I don't have Premium?
'OutlookTodoistADX' has fired an exception. Click the 'Details' button to see the detailed information about the error.
[Feature Request] Batch change time of tasks.