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How to update calendar on iPhone?
Since yesterday: Running the app results in a login screen thats does'nt work and disappears after a few seconds. Help: i cannot use the app anymore :-( Do you have a sulution? Reboot of the iPad was'nt.
Shared lists disappeared
Can I add an task or appointment from the Travelload App directly into the todoist
Recurring tasks mark as done
I can't get it working on my iphone even though I have it on my MacBook
Any idea when you will roll out fixes for the "after x______ starting________" issues?
Setting a default view on iPhone App
Could I get TestFlight version of Todoist
Add Today, Tomorrow, Overdue view into iOS app
Reminders and due dates with 12 default to AM.
Filters in iOS don't work properly
Background App Refresh Hog
Time on sync to iCal
Time on sync to iCal
Can't edit comments anymore
Set screen on today instead of 7 days
Push notifications
Como se usa Añadir emails como tareas
Can I sync Todoist with Calender and Evernote