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Today Extension: no background sync when completing tasks?
Recurring tasks synced with ipad air calendar repeat only 3 times
Reminders for tasks with due dates
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Daily todos and completing them on the next day
Black Friday with 50% off ?
Cancel and refund
I tried to uninstall/reinstall after issues with not being able to open the program more than once without restarting computer. I got the following error on reinstall. "unable to execute file:C:\Program files (x86)\Todoist\Todoist.exe Create process failed; code 740.The requested operation requires elevation" I am unable to use my paid app. any help is appreciated.
No automatic 'push' sync from web to Android?
Chrome Extension - Reads your browsing history; why?
Morning Badge App Icon
On what technologies is Todoist built?
Icon and URL 'start blinking' after specific navigation
[Feature] There should be a way to easily go back to the "default" view
Setting recurring/repeating reminders for a date every 3 months eg. 21st of the month after a quarter
The rearrange handle keeps dissapearing
Multiple reminders in same day
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