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Необходима возможность отключения "интеллектуального" ввода...
Task won't accept some words
Order of labels
Upgrade really doesn't work.
Software updates on windows pc
Текст не разделён / The text is not divided
Why can't click and drag a task from the Inbox into a Project?
Przeskocz do Projektu (używając #)
Install for 2.7.5 on Windows repeatedly fails
Wie kann ich einzelne Aufgaben mit Notizen ausdrucken?
Heute / Nächste 7 Tage / Alle Aufgaben meine Aufgaben
Цветовая гамма новой версии слишком яркая!
ToDoIst Windows App | 400 Bad Request | Unknown Error
Comment Icons beside every single task item
Hi, the @ it doesn't work, whether i want to add some label i can't. i have Win OS 8, How can i get to fix it?
the install of version 705 failed in windows 10. How can access the installer to try to reload it ?
How to re-order subtasks priority
Keyboard shortcut for escaping highlighted
Возможность установить старую версию
Export filtered list to non todoist people