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Tri de tâches manuelle
Easier audio note implementation
If I cancel my business account, will any of my tasks be erased along with it?
Todosit for Business
Feature Request: Add "duration" to each todo item
I use IOS and Gmail, and I would like to know how can i sincronize tasks and contacts from Google Calendar with the todoist premium? If it"s not possible immediatly, unfortunately i"ll have to cancel my account.
ToDoist for family
Goals in Todoist
seq_no and seq_no_global numbering
IFTTT Integration Problem w/Google Calendar
Can I change the order that my labels appear?
UI Request: a larger space for typing filters in
Todoist Integrations with Evernote
Feature Request: Sort & Group (in "Today" view and more)
Import from template and keep Assignees
How can you save completed tasks and not have them show on the list but to refer to later?
view completed tasks in shared project with assignee avatar?
date stamp quick button