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Premium upgrade message appears repeatedly.
I hava purchase one year's advanced,but on the platform of MacOS,the software still ask me to purchase
Date picker
Extension Bug
Plans for the Future
Gmail plugin not working suddenly
Date error for tasks in 2015
Email I auto forward to Inbox doesn't show up
synchronisation avec agenda Google
Проект который создал я и дал доступ другому, будет ли он видеть все задачи после отключения от проекта?
RU Проекты которые я сохраняю, будут доступны в оффлайне (без доступа к интернету)
next week on sonday.
Feature Request: Add Checklists as Notes
non stop invitation to upgrade
Filters losing colors
ToDoist app on Mac show splash-screen
List of updates
How about adding an "all" platform for this support page
falling behind Wunderlist?
Windows TODOIST not starting on dektop