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for some reason Todoist has started not to accept new tasks - you type it in press return and nothing happens. Any clues? seems to happen randomly
Error in Assigning a task in 1 folder
iOS Notifications: Task Description Display
Todoist doesn't stay maximized
repeat task on last day of month - but only every x months
Recurring Tasks Problems
Todoist is not responding when clicking a task linked to an email
Share task but not the project?
Since connecting to Evernote and Google Calendar, I now get blank 'new task' entries periodically in my ToDoist inbox
1. When using the search function, why doesn't the 'Completed Tasks' appear?
Last iOS update broke language
Hope fix is going to come quickly
한국에서의 날짜 버그는 언제쯤 고쳐지나요?
Email completed tasks
2. How can an accidentally ticked task be restored? Can't find where these are displayed anywhere to undo the action as there is no warning when ticking a task.
Karma video music
error in setting the date when making a new task
I bought the premium version, but I can't find how to do a recurring task.
My filter code isn't working
Notifications cut off on Galaxy S6