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Download completed tasks, month by month
cannot postpone recurring task
Calendar Edit?
Pull overdue task to today moves it but doesn't change date, then easily can end up in 2016
Date filter suggestion: range of at least relative dates
Suggestion: if change time on a today task, don't make it go forward a year even if time is past
Reoccurring tasks and reminder functionality question before I buy
Feature request: let me assign an unshared task to me
Set a event X number of days before a date
Filtering "Today", getting results for Tomorrow
Mac app does not start
osx app is not syncing right
Project Duplication
Mac tray icon, inbox instead of add?!
karma comparison
Mac app "Open" opens 4 tabs
Checked off "every mo,we,fr" task and its colored icon just animated for many minutes
Is there an easy way to identify & manage sub-tasks?
Работа над совместными проектами
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