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Language change
Whats this?
Version 10 beta - Recurring tasks end date
Scheduling Tasks into iCal specific time slot/event
ToDoist for Gmail on Firefox
Черный экран при входе
I cant add new task's on browser
Time of day shift
Still get reminders/notifications for completed tasks
Drag icons don't appear anymore.
Notifications not Working
Suggestion: Filter Title should show its Name, not its Query
Not able to clear tasks. When I check the complete tasks, there is a left hand continuing bar window that pends but does not clear the tasks. It is mostly doing them on recurring monthy tasks on the desktop Chrome use. O my cell phone app, when I check completed, the tasks do not go away
How to filter shared projects by week?
iCal creating full-day events
Persistent Add Task Button
200 Task Limit
Fechas periódicas
Notes don't sync from desktop do Andriod
Left Handed Option