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problem with self completing tasks
Using todoist on a Surface Pro, sometimes Todoist just stops.
The label autocomplete dropdown seems to break on certain character, maybe?
Suggestion: Sorting / email icon
Why is the time (11:59) added to each task? Even if I delete the time it comes back.
"Assigned to Others Filter not showing all matching tasks"
Suggestion: Allow optional start date
Business Account Premium for change.
Shortcut fix suggestion
Error in sync
Can't rename questions - and general help index / instructions needed
Неверное распознавание дат
Exisiting Outlook Tasks
How can I make the lists compact in the android app?
Is there a way to import Trello boards into Todoist?
Location based reminders not syncing from Android to web or Outlook add-in
Перевод в рускоязычная версия
Order by date in iOS
Индикатор о прочтении
How to add audio note