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Problems with TODOIST site?
Recursive tasks
Completing a task that spawns another completed task in the near future
Offline reminders
IFTTT & Notes
Visão quinzenal e mensal
Ordenar as tarefas que estão nas etiquetas e projetos por data
Want to add a task for monday, wednesday and friday
Lost task
Invalid parse time of due date
Push reminders
Inconsistencies across platforms
Viewing tasks via outlook calendar always start at 1200
Several notifications showing a date of 1-17-1970
Filters not syncing to iOS
Todoist Helper Blank Window
I am having a problem getting Todoist to show up on my gmail. I added it to Google Chrome but it is not there. What do I need t odo?
i just downloaded the new outlook IOS app on my iPad that was released this past week. Are there any plans to be able to have a todoist link in the new outlook app similar to what I have in my desktop outlook apoplication?
Refresh Current View refreshes, but not current view
How to email completed task from Zapier?