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I would like to use multiple emails for one account
Start Dates
Needed feature addition - please allow change of default project from "inbox" to something else for creation of new task
"Date updated to....." notification is not correct when marking a recurring task as completed
No due date shortcut
Sync google tasks with todoist?
I am unable to perform research in the notes.
Search fails for some users on Windows but same works on iphone for the same user
Time Not Accurate
Can I see my todo list in a calendar format
Synchro button in web app not working (Version 402)
Recurrences are non-functional since update last week
2016 again
Assigning tasks when in a project
Sort by name - subtasks sorted too
Repeat every 2hr during business hours
How can the group maintain the same order for the project and task
Push -уведомление на иконке приложения
Cancel Business account and get Refund
Text Formatting Issue in Mac Extension