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Quickly add project
I need "unlimited" projects. Why is there a current limit to the number of "projects" if there is no limit on the items underneath a project?
Reoccurring Event Syntax Question
API sync
Adding a Feature.
Reminders of upcoming tasks?
PowerApp 500 internal server error
Filter by project and exclude subprojects?
Восстановление из резервных копий
remove task deadline
Can't set up location reminders
How do I delete locations I already have for reminder ?
as I can happen to tooist for business if I am currently premium
Cannot access item menu with VoiceOver
Error code 21
What is taking so long on adding the ability to "undo" your previous action?
Still waiting for a keyboard shortcut for "Undo"
Every other computer program has the option to "undo" something except Todoist