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slow in windows application
Suggestion - Templates
Tasks Created with Android Wear Missing Default Reminder
Location based reminders
"after" tasks not working
Font type and size
Struggling with Subtasks
Quick add task does not work any more
I cannot add any tasks :(
Chrome Browser Time is two lines for 2 digit hours like 10, 11, 12
Can't assign Tasks to a Project with an ampersand (&) in the name
Date functions
2 reminder icons
Invisible Cancel button next to Add task button (Web-QuickAdd)
그림 첨부시 세로였는데 왜 가로로 출력되나요?
After uploading picture it is being turned by 90 degrees
Filter for date greater than 1/1/15
Business Admin
Archived projects marked as undefined?
Archived projects all show "undefined" next to their names