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App unusably small on HiDPI screens
11:59 pm issue is NOT fixed...
I installed Todoist, but when I try to open it, it doesn't open
im new to todolist but would like to ask if there is anyway for someone else to read my inbox or can i give permission to read it .
Change default priority
Opwennig from Task Bar
Сортировка задач в фильтрах
End dates
При редактировании текста задачи не работает переход по словам Ctrl + стрелка лево\право
Resolution on Surface Pro
Feautre Request: Percent Complete/Status Column
Wenn ich eine Erinnerung in der Form "täglich um 18:00 ab 1 Jun 2016" eingebe, erscheint in der Anzeige danach "jeden Tag um 18:00", die Angabe des Startdatums verschwindet in der Statusanzeige. Wird dieses dennoch beachtet? Wenn ja, wie kann ich das irgendwie lesbar machen ?
Installation Failure
Recurring tasks - new due date
Suggestion on "Recurring Activities"
Upcoming / Priority Features
Sunrise Calendar Creating Doubles
Later in the Month
Как создать фильтр для задач, которые я выставил другому человеку
Adding an auto tag to a sub task - so its clearly a sub task