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Why can't I switch to my other Google account in your OS X app
How can I install Todoist in Outlook for Mac?
Change Gmail Account Login
Is there a way to view tasks listed out further than one week? I would love to have at least a monthly view. It's a great app, but for long-term planning, this is a problem.
problem with subtask
copy or store a template
Mobile application
Is it possible disabling automatic updates? or check for updates?
searching for terms
Improve UX for working with sub-tasks
Pay for Premium separately for each device's app or once for all device's apps?
Personal Copy and Work Copy
adding text to a task note
Unable to mark a recurring task as complete
Search for all items in a project with a certain tag?
Duplicated Sub tasks
can't reopen window
Search is broken on OS X app
How do I switch a team member
Mac app crashing