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Are you planing to add Todoist to Mac Mail?
quick add task- how do you select projects you have created? looks as though only defaults show on desktop
Constant session expired messages/request to log in
Invalid Date Error when Setting Reminder
Daily Notification
Invalid Date Error When Setting Reminder
"invalid date" when Setting Reminders (e.g. 0 minutes before)
is it possible to turn a task ( with lots of nested tasks) into a project? (such as a drag to project column)
Issue on linking to Dropbox and Google drive in OSX
How to increase my karma?
Change Multiple Project Colors Simultaneously
Set task or projects for a period of time (start and finish dates)
Add Notes during task creation
Sharing Project Names, Idents and Colors via a Template?
Foreign language.
Remove getting started project
How can I stop logging into the wrong Gmail account?
Change Gmail Account Login
Show earliest upcoming subtask's due date on the main task