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Can't reorder (click and drag) subtasks
The addition of tasks breaks when 2 tags with same starting initials are added.
Labels doing strange things after ToDoist 6.1.1 update
Window resizes strangely on Mac OS X (Yosemite)
Can free users add files to a premium shared account?
Mac: in v700, some editing keys don't work in task titles
MacOS v701: Reports wrong "Date Updated To" for "After" or "every" task (minor bug)
Auto-assign new tasks to team member depending on project
Quick Add
Blue and Sky Blue priority?
How to filter by "assigned to"
multiple select
Italics, Bold, Underline broken in MacOS 701
UNDOne completed tasks
Scheduling tasks in the next calendar year
Mac Mail integration
Can I look at my tasks and appointements further in time then 7 days?
Suggestion: Easy ways to tell Todoist to ignore date/time stamps in task titles
New theme reduces impact of flags
Исчезают элементы для перетаскивания задач