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Small view on top of regular view
still can't sync
Outlook plugin stops synching
Drag task to calendar in outlook
How to edit reminders?
Tabbing through quick add screen
Sort order of tasks - please allow us to flip new/old, old/new
Cannot download Todoist plug-in for Postbox 4
Recurring Dates Window Interface
Outlook not syncing with web or android app
Пропадают задания
Same notification pops up many times
Incluir Festivos o Feriados
Actualice al OS X El Capitan ver. 10.11 y no se que debo actualizar ya que no haber desde el icono de escritorio
ISO 8601 Date format - i.e. YYYY-MM-DD
Share Projects within Team
URGENT!! Please confirm that date parser will be optional on Android!
Today view
Today View default Sorting
Outlook 2010 drops todoist