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Problems with update installation
Опять сбилась настройка дней
How do I decrease the font size?
При быстром добавлении не работает подсказка тегов по первым буквам
Please give us more free themes
Finished sub-tasks don't disappear?
Filter by unassigned
I would like to receive a refund.
Recurring reminders after a date
Bold & Italic keyboard shortcuts.
Can't download the last version for windows.
Bad Request Unknown Error
Interface goes blank
Adding Task - v701 - Labels Not Being Added Properly
how do i remove the auto insert date function? when i type a number or date in the task it assumes it is a date and assigns that date to the task
Sharing Tasks
Bug: Double pop-up during update process
Trying to Todoist on Win 10
Sort by project
Why my entered tasks are always slipped one day forward without action from my side? The app is becoming useless for me due to this problem, and I think the price I paid for it deserves a better reward.