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Is it possible to set date/time to something like "ev weekday before 10am"
Wiederkehrende Aufgaben verschieben
Todoist für Windows Phon
Changing the dates
Add on for Postbox
Premium Free Trial
Adding Labels starting with a . (full stop)
An issue with nested projects
Description Field per Project
Change from monthly to annual billing?
Ctrl+M when entering a task display problem
Is there a feature where a task's priority automatically rises as you get closer to the due date?
Cannot login with Outlook 2013
How to link dropbox with todist? Every turn I want a attaching document out of dropbox i get one choice - 'install dropbox' wich already is installed. The document I want to import failes to do that. Is there somewhere to create a permanent link between todoit and DB?
Add a task for an event happened
Outlook addin wont sync with todoist web and IOS
Out of sync between phone and desktop
Multi User capability on Windows Server 2008 R2
Please make Today and Next 7 Days same as Inbox so that you can drag into other Projects
Is there any way to have more than 200 open task?