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Is there a way to see since when you're on Todoist?
Filters: I want to display all tasks from all users with particular label
Keyboard Shortcuts Broken
Google Inbox
When will the updated/rebranded app be available?
Why did you remove the Feature Request system, the one that used to be present within the support area?
Tags with exclamation mark (!) is changed to underline mark '_'
Warning messages when download and begin to install Windows app
Difference between every and after?
Rendering/style bugs!
Quick Add Task switches to app if hidden
Reminders Syntax using brackets in subject line not working
Email Access from Todoist
Mac App menu not working
Issues with settings menu in both Windows and Web
Mac App menu not working
New update a big disappointment
Clicking the ...(more icon) now opens a menu at the bottom left of the screen which judders when I try to click on it.
big bugs in new todois see the attachment
Filter for task to do today