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I completed a task yesterday, but marked it as complete today.
Is there a way to format text linked to a URL?
I am color blind... These new colors are terribly difficult for me to see. Is there an option to change it back?
Change "tomorrow" to start after 2am
Todoist Windows Installer Corrupted
Gmail confusion
Google drive not working
Create task from email button functionality
Windows Phone
Error wile installing Todoist for Windows Dekstop 2.7.5
Milestone Line
No Time
Mac app crashes on launch (every other time)
Mac app has NO top menu-bar anymore!
top left icon bug
After latest update, auto-tagging inside tasks works horrible
new version bug: adding two labels with the same first character doesn't work
Human Dates - Can I turn this functionality off
What happened to the easy way of bolding AND underlining? I used to be able to highlight any words in any task, hit control-b, and it would be bold. Then highlight the same text , do control-u, and the text would also be underlilned. That does not seem to work anymore.
I cannot ad a new task