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quick filter - would be nice to be able to edit
Drag and drop to OSX client leads to unexpected result
Опечатка в русской локализации десктоп-клиента OSX
Текст не разделён / The text is not divided
reduce font size in outlook
Why can't click and drag a task from the Inbox into a Project?
Devastating update for todois to you made the window too big
Przeskocz do Projektu (używając #)
Deadlines function faulty after latest update
New Red/Orange/Yellow colors are hard to distinguish.
Icon in the DOC and notification of undone task has the same colour!
I seem to get reminders from two different accounts
New interface Iphone/Ipad
Recoloring the whole app - red is stressful!
How do I disable/overwrite the 'smart date' function in a task with the new site design?
Automatic scheduling
Mixing Free and Premium users
Date / time functionality broken
Is there any way to go back to the old and much clearer web version of todoist instead of the new one?