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Blue and Sky Blue priority?
Our business is Windows only phones - its a great system and makes sense for us. As a result of your not having an APP for Windows phone we have to look eslewhere for a business to do list. The web login version takes too long and is a pain as often I get the password incorrect message. It can't be that hard to do an APP
Date parsing includes invalid dates
Family Plan
Не удаляются выполненные задачи, при наложении фильтра "проект" ! (во всех платформах)
Cannot create tasks in Outlook plugin, even after uninstall/reinstall
Time for tasks
Cannot add subtask
Two different logos
I have the same question about Location - nothing happens, and my Privacy apps are set on
Apply label to project?
cannot seem to put dates in task names
Todoist Installation Failed / Access Denied
Date change
Labels - curson always move before @, cannot use quick key to assign correct label
Проблема с выделением текста "Жирным"
Some not all Task times different as displayed and in edit mode (due to Time Zone change?)
How to filter by "assigned to"
Todoist version 701