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Support for OneDrive
UNDOne completed tasks
Critical sync issue
New iPhone APP
Agregar email como notas de tarea ya creada
A new line in the description using the Enter key
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Scheduling tasks in the next calendar year
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Mac Mail integration
Automatic date/time detect in release 701 - how to dissable or shortcut to cancel detect?
Option: Remove date in date overlay
I know I asked this a year ago but... Chromebook app still can't attach Google Drive docs
Notifications - right bottom corner of the screen
Can I look at my tasks and appointements further in time then 7 days?
Project creator can get removed from the project?
Is there any way to downgrade Windows app to previous version?
Suggestion: Easy ways to tell Todoist to ignore date/time stamps in task titles
"No more tasks for today" logo in "Next 7 days" view is too big and prevents seeing easily the other days