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Login Screen not loading properly
I just updated and my app looks like an unstyled website
last update doesn't work with my Macbook Pro
Thank you for the Speedy Refund
Mac and IOS not syncing
Can't log in on El Capitan Dev Beta
version 6.2.1 never loads
Very disappointed with new version
Todoist application with OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 Crashes
Notifications out of sync
Cannot Bullet Point Format
Can't attach Dropbox files
Mac app can't sync
I want to be reminded every quarter to do an item. I put in reminders "Every 3 months @ 9 am". Will that work?
sync error being reported by OSX application
Can't log into my account, and the login screen looks off
La aplicaciĆ³n no arranca
La aplicaciĆ³n no arranca
Update in MAcOSX
Multiple selections