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Windows app won't launch
Como puedo dar de alta mi número de móvil para recibir SMS en las notificaciones de recordatorios, tengo un iPhone 6 Plus .Gracias
Mac app can't sync
403 - Sorry, you are forbidden to access this
restoring a backup
I want to be reminded every quarter to do an item. I put in reminders "Every 3 months @ 9 am". Will that work?
How to know who create a project?
Unable to click words within Task Name field since last Todoist update [Firefox 41/MacOS]
Can't log into my account, and the login screen looks off
Alternating tasks
Duplicity when I filter by label
Inserting space automatically after a label has been included
I can't upgrade
La aplicación no arranca
La aplicación no arranca
Update in MAcOSX
Can I turn off natural language or auto-date entry?
Multiple selections
Windows App - Bolding Error
small bug in how search box is handling the query 7 days