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utilizing todoist as a diary/journal? possible? to what extent?
Replace CTRL+RightArrow / CTRL+LeftArrow with Tab / Shift+Tab
moving a task to a project from inbox?
Email Multiple Tasks
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Date bug in Korean, please be in?
Moving notes and attachmnts from one task to another FEATURE REQUEST
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Multiple people assigning
Apple Mail
Outlook 2013 Plug In Won't Install
What are the rules for resetting karma streak?
Question about start dates
Shared List Failed and Deleted the List
Task reminders for Sub tasks
If I have one task that has to be completed first then another that has to be done after that, but I have to move the deadline of the first task, does it automatic change the deadline on the other one to match up?
How do I link my old account to a new business account?
Feature requests after a year of use