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Multiple Profiles - Work, Personal etc. for Todoist Next


Now that Todoist Next allows sharing tasks I would really like multiple profiles, namely work and personal. This way I can view both sets of tasks but keep some distance between them. I think this will make the app much more appealing to users who want to centralize their work and personal tasks.

Like many people I only used Todoist for personal tasks because without the ability to share and send tasks it wasn't an ideal solution for my work. I am giving it a try now, but it already bothers me that my Today view is filled up tasks I assigned to my staff. Will it also effect my karma if they don't complete tasks?

Alternatively I could create another account, but the iPhone app doesn't support it so I would be limited to the web app.

By the way, I'm well aware of Wedoist but the main reason I don't use it is because it's not exactly like Todoist, all I ever wanted is something exactly like Todoist to share tasks which is Todoist Next.


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Klaus Thuesen premium
Replied on Feb 05, 2014 - 05:33

I'm currently within my 30 day money back guarantee, testing out Todoist Premium and I have searched everywhere for a way to separate my work and personal tasks. When I'm working, and I click on "Today", I don't want my personal tasks to clutter the view and maybe even take up expensive brain cycles because I start thinking about them :)

NirvanaHQ has a nice way of doing areas, select one area and everything you see in the view belongs to that area. Simple and effective. But Nirvana falls through on other areas, so that's why I'm here, seeing if the grass is greener on this side.