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Assign tasks outside of a shared project

At the moment we need to share the project first to allow the creation of tasks to a person.

I don't mind having some of the same projects as my team, but in many cases I just want to quickly create a task, assign it to someone, and allow them to choose where they categorize it.

I thought that's what the Inbox was going to be used for. When you are assigned a task outside of a shared project, it goes into your Inbox.

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Ben Donahower premium
Replied on Jan 21, 2014 - 20:48

Anthony you have a vote from me on the features request page. Heck, just look at the use case in the promo video... How cumbersome to create and add a person to a "things to get when you are out list" when you just want to delegate buying a bottle of wine on the fly.

Ben Donahower premium
Replied on Jan 27, 2014 - 08:03

Wish I could vote this up a million times. I knew that shared tasks was coming, which is one of the reasons why I took the dive into premium and based from the previous request for this feature I didn't even imagine that they would implement it this way.

I shared this on the Todoist Facebook page. Anthony, any ideas on how to promote this idea for some more votes?

Anthony Pica premium
Replied on Mar 23, 2014 - 11:18

Thanks Ben!

I'm not sure how we can promote the idea other than sharing a link on social media, but I hope people start voting on it.

Ben Donahower premium
Replied on Mar 23, 2014 - 18:08

Yea, I shared on social media and sent it to someone specific I know who is a user. I also shared it on Todoist's Facebook page. Couldn't hurt for you to do the same. This feature is a must.

Robert Turner premium
Replied on Apr 15, 2014 - 00:34

This feature is a must. Way too cumbersome to have to share an entire project out to just share one solitary task.