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quickly re-organize tasks from list view


I sooo love the features of your program. They easily exceed the others I have found. However, I've been using "Outliner" on my iPhone because of how easy it is to simply click to highlight a task and drag to reorder it from within the task list view. I can also drag to make sub-tasks without having to select the "ADD" or "EDIT" button. It also gives the option of "un-limited sub-tasks" and I can start creating a new task to the list by simply clicking the "enter" button.

This ease of of creating, organizing and editing tasks is the only thing that keeps me from using your program more since every click of a button is more time. I wish I had found your app first, then maybe it wouldn't be an issue for me! :)

Not sure if this is something you even care about adding but I wanted to share.

Thanks for your time and have a great day! :)