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A lot of the tasks I set myself in Todoist are to call people, arrange meetings, etc, or else chase something up. Quite often I might call someone having received a reminder from Todoist to do so, but find that it is engaged or goes to voicemail, they're on holiday, want me to call back next week, etc. If I'm chasing, it may be clear that it'll need further chasing (we've all been there!).

I could postpone the action, but that then affects my Karma trend plus it looks like I haven't done what I was supposed to on any given day. Otherwise I could mark it as done and then recreate the exact same task for the next day or whenever but that seems a little overly laborious,

What I think would be really great would be an easy option to "Follow-up" on a task. Selecting this option would mark the action as complete, thus positively impacting my Karma trend, but also reset it to another time. In an ideal world it would be possible to set one or more default follow-up rules (e.g. in an hour, same time tomorrow, in a week's time) which could be selected from a drop down (like reminders) but I would also like to have the option to easily amend the follow-up specifics for each individual task if need be.

As I use Todoist mostly on Android, hopefully this functionality could be added across all platforms.

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James Tu premium
Replied on Nov 22, 2013 - 15:35

I'm in your predicament a lot. I think this is a nice suggestion.

Greg Pill premium
Replied on Nov 24, 2013 - 22:34

I agree, this is a major problem I have and it causes me to consider going back to outlook

Runjiv J. Kapur premium
Replied on Apr 10, 2014 - 23:45

My anguish is what patrick has very well articulated. I have made a similar suggestion but maybe I did not express it like patrick hence it did not receive many votes.
I sincerely hope your software will address this genuine issue that many users face but not able to express themselves. I am sure this feature will be very well loved and take TODOIST to another level.

If this does not happen in the near future I would have to terminate my contract and go elsewhere.

celita972 premium
Replied on Apr 11, 2014 - 09:52

Very well explained!!
this would be great!