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Later Tasks triggered by the completion of earlier tasks (if later tasks are dependent e.g. you have to pick up the delivery before you can assemble it)


There are many scenarios where tasks arise from the completion of other tasks.

For example:

0. Wait for delivery to arrive
1. I need to go to the post office to pick up a delivery
2. Once I pick up the delivery I need to assemble the package
3. Go to girlfriend's house to pick up some tools
4. then put it onto ebay and craigslists for sale.

Although I anticipate four tasks, they actually can't be done until task 1 is completed. So in a sense, task one (pick up delivery) triggers all other tasks.

However, task 1 (pick up delivery) can't happen unless task 0 (wait for delivery to arrive) happens. So instead of having 5 tasks in my inbox which is a mess. I would like to set the later tasks to be dependent on task 0. Once task 0 is ticked off, the other tasks appears.

This is different from task and subtask, because the later tasks are not subtasks (sub-modules) of task 0. They are simply dependent on it.