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Proper timezone support


When adding due times to tasks there should be a way to set a specific timezone, i.e. if I ask a task due at 1pm Central time and then move to the Pacific timezone the due time of the task should be updated to 11am so it occurs at the same time. Instead it is being set to 1pm Pacific time and therefore occurs two hours later. This issue has caused me to miss several meetings.

When setting tasks you should be able to set a due time that is fixed, i.e. if you move timezones the due time remains fixed, i.e. if it is set to 1pm in Central time and I move to Pacific time the due time is set to 11am, or if I move to GMT it's set to 6pm.

However the current behaviour should still be an option, and the default.

As a syntax if you specify a timezone after the time in the task information then I think that should mean it is fixed at that time and will update accordingly when moving timezones.

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Alistair Wallace premium
Replied on Feb 25, 2014 - 06:00

Could not agree more. I travel a lot, and this drives me insane. Keeps jumping up asking what zone I want to be in. The time I set, is the time I set. I does not matter what zone I am in. People do not work this way.