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"task with no due date" as the main first page


In the todoist settings>start page, in addition to "Blank" and "Info Page" there should be an option for "Tasks with no due date."

Actually if you guys were smart enough....you would make that the main workflow of your product...meaning:

1) As a first time user one wants to just create a list of tasks in no particular order...and not be bogged down with categories

2) Then the user could then go back and put them in "projects" or better yet "categories"....you guys are doing everything backward!...........this is precisely why Astrid was so successful.....barrier to entry/learning was very low.......most people want to just throw a list and then worry about what category (fine let's use your "project" idea) an item belongs

3) "Tasks with no due date" then can be sorted by Importance of tasks via your flags ....this is the natural human flow of thinking (I asked 14 of my friends about this--with various background of Phd to blue collar workers--and they all agreed). This way one can see a listing of all tasks in order of importance

If you did the above your product will be so much more usable and way more successful. When I showed people your current interface everyone summarily dismissed it, but when I showed it via the "Tasks with no due date," method I described above then everyone "got it" immediately.