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I've been using Todoist for only a week, so I hope this newbie's perspective can help you guys deliver a great service to your users.

While Todoist offers many great functions for productivity, the FAQ/Help section has quite confused me.

First of all, please consider adding a button on top of the page (or, you can put it on Settings) to re-experience a simulation. This simulation should serve as the "walkthrough" for new users. After a week or so, when new users forget certain functions/commands, they can--anytime they need--refresh their memories by following the "walkthrough" once again.

Why don't they just click the "Reference" button? Now I move to my 2nd point.

Not all functions, commands, and behaviors are presented there. I've been watching those videos, but they're apparently quite old videos. And they're more promotional than informational, don't you think? I found that I could add the asterisk (*) sign before a task to make it a fixed category without checkmark... on Todoist Support page... when I actually wanted to find out why my 137 tasks hit the 150-limit (btw, the limit count is also never mentioned in those videos).

Todoist Support page looks like a messy forum. Without topics properly organized, how can new users find these "magic spells" easily?

Please consider adding more fields on support/vote new entry, for instance "What's the category of your problem?" "What's your OS?" "What browser did you use?" "Please describe, in step-by-step, what you exactly did until you encountered the problem." These may seem like unimportant, but they do. These can help you categorize those entries, which will be effective for your support team and other users. Please check out http://support.steampowered.com for reference. They've done great job on this.

Also, please don't rely on your blog articles as knowledge base. Put all those information--esp. new features--on one centered page (let's call it "Reference") accessible by old and new users alike. That way your updates are timeless.

The keyboard shortcut page somehow misled me. I thought it was intended for Windows users only. For Mac... well, I can't represent other Mac users, so this is based on my experience... I can't even remember where the CTRL button is! I'm so used to using CMD as the replacement of CTRL that I thought CMD+Q was for adding a new task, and voila! I closed all of my Chrome tabs, lol. I'm not asking you to create new shortcuts for Mac/Linux users. But I'm sure you can easily add a short warning on top of keyboard shortcut help page: "These work for Windows/Mac/Linux. No CMD! CTRL FTW." :'))

My last rant is about Karma. Here's what happened. On my first day I opened the "Todoist Karma Help". It was a new user's natural behavior, right? Then I saw that it had... latest Karma updates. My brain thought, "Oh, cool, I can see whatever I'd do that gains or loses Karma." A couple of days later, I remembered about the function, but couldn't remember where it was; I clicked the "View All Completed" to find the latest Karma updates, lol. Obviously my brain thought that "Todoist Karma Help" would only serve informational reference, not performance report.


Gosh. It's a tldr post, I guess this is what happens when I love an app too much. Thanks for reading. I apologize if some words make you somewhat uncomfortable. Have a great day!

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David Trey staff
Replied on Sep 24, 2013 - 17:10


Thank you very much for your suggestion, most of it will be implemented soon as we're already planning to improve our Help/FAQ/Support pages.

As for the * shortcut to create a task without a check box, it's no longer documented as it's a deprecated feature which we will no longer support in the future.

Best regards,