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Weigh tasks to optimise Karma and day planning

I would like an option to assign weights to tasks, such as a number on a scale from 1- 10 as an estimate of how energy consuming each task is to do.

Energy consumption can mean difficulty, stress level or time consumption - whatever is the most relevant measure to the user.

I would be useful in the following ways:

For day planning: It would it make it easier to plan a mix of tasks that is productive yet not too stressing. E.g. I would know that I probably should not have more than max. 2 category 7 - 10 tasks in the mix but easily could handle up to 20 category 1 tasks instead.

For Karma and reports/graphs: if the length of each colour in the Karma trend lines where adjusted according to the tasks' relative weights, then the Karma trends could be a much more accurate of one's effort within the different areas.

For example, the number of tasks can be misleading as a measure of productivity. If I do 1 paid work tasks and 10 housework tasks in a day, then I get a long green (housework) line and a short black (paid work) line, although the paid work took longer and was much harder. The housework just happens to be broken into more tasks and therefore ends up looking like a lot more work.

Same with the pie charts under "completed tasks - visualise"

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Gerardo Centenera premium
Replied on Feb 04, 2014 - 23:49

I agree with you Anna. I really need this option.