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Important Events and Birthdays Module


I'm not great at remembering things, so I currently have a few tasks to remind me of birthdays and events coming up. It is a bit cumbersome doing it this way though, especially since it takes up a lot of screen real estate. I suggest you create an important events module/add-on that simplifies and streamlines this process, while making it easier to view a larger number of items on screen. Instead of adding tasks that can be completed, you would add people or events in this module. Keeping reminders is essential in this module, and perhaps you can add some preset reminders i.e. 1 month before, 1 week before, 1 day before, day of. These reminders should be multiple choice. This module would be extremely beneficial if it is able to incorporate into a calendar, when that comes.

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David Trey staff
Replied on Sep 21, 2013 - 16:38

Hello Mark,

Thank you for your suggestion, Technically, this is already possible. You can simply create a project called "Birthdays" or just "Important Events" and add annually recurring tasks to this project such as "ev 28 May" or "every 13 Sep" etc. If you then use the "sort by date" option, you would see them so that the next upcoming one would always be at the top.

Each such task can of course have multiple reminders. For example, if the task is set to every 28 September, you can set one reminder to "ev 28 Aug" which would be a month before, another "ev 21 Sep" - a week ago etc.

If you set this up just one, if will work like a calendar as when you complete this task as the day arrives, it, along with all its reminders, will be rescheduled for the next year.

Best regards,

Mark Taylor premium
Replied on Sep 21, 2013 - 20:53

Thanks for answering David, I appreciate your input.

I understand all the points you made above. What I'm suggesting, however, is that events or birthdays are not treated as normal tasks where you have to "complete" them each year. Instead, they would repeat whether or not you completed them, and the reminders would work the same way. Perhaps this is contrary to a to-do list, though I don't feel like it is.

I also suggested a gui fix that would allow users to see more tasks on screen, but in the case of this post, events. This could probably be a different suggestion altogether for custom settings.