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Time estimates, desired work hours per day and warning when tasks exceed available hours

Hi, I would like to pass on the following feature suggestion because it is a great idea:

"What I would really love as a feature is something that allowed you to estimate the time for tasks, so that it would be possible for the app to tell you, “Today is full now. You can’t squeeze in anything more.”

I could do that myself by hand, but it would take so very long. An app would let me do it once for each task–because much of what I do is the same from week to week–and then add it for me. That would be bliss…"

So e.g. there could be an option to set a time estimate for each task, and then a setting where to set desirable work hours per day (e.g. 7 hours). Then Todoist could give a warning if the total estimated time of all the tasks in a day’s agenda exceeded the set number of daily work hours.

(The suggestion was made by Ashana: http://ashanam.wordpress.com, on my blog)

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Anna premium
Replied on Sep 20, 2013 - 19:19

Derived feature suggestion:

Adding time estimates could later be basis for improved Karma trends (the multicoloured lines in the Karma window).

A new feature could be the choice between seeing the karma trend for the numbers of tasks in each category - like the way it is now -, or time spent on the various categories of tasks.

Debra Russell premium
Replied on Dec 24, 2013 - 21:32

Yes - in planning today - be able to say, I have "x" hours avaiable for tasks today - and give a total so I can postpone the things I won't have time fore and choose what I commit to. Set myself up to win!