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Sorting of tasks from different projects


I like my tasks sorted in the order I do them. I sort them by dragging and dropping them every day manually. This setup allows me to easily postpone tasks for later that day, simply by changing the order of tasks.

Now, the issue is that tasks don't remember their sorting the next day in the "today" and "next 7 days" tabs.

I thought this issue was just with tasks from different projects, but as far as I can see tasks from the same project don't remember their order in these two tabs.

This is a problem because I have to reorder them every single day to get them in the order that I'm going to do them.

I know there are other ways to sort tasks, probably by setting a time when I'm going to do the task, but I find that setup too inflexible.

Please make it so that all tasks, even from different projects, remember the order in which I sort them manually.

This should be very easy to do for tasks of a single project, and for a bit less easy for tasks from different projects to guess their position relative to tasks of other projects.

If you don't understand what I mean by this contact me so I can explain it to you in more detail.