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A package between Free and Pro

As I elaborated on this to todoist team, pricing doesn't really fit for me on the Pro version.
So here is the idea: I have recommended a package between Pro and Free, "Value pack", "Semi-Pro" or "Budget", that adds only some of the pro features, only those that are most essential.

These would be:
- Tagging
- Auto Backups
- Notes

This would not allow:
- Tasks as emails
- Calendar integration
- Productivity tracking
- Emails as tasks
- Project templates

This is 37.5% of the pro offerings, the cumulative price offering may sound fair at about 2,505Ft, but given the productivity value on these three, $15 py sounds fair.

(It will be interesting to see how voting for a discount works) :>

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Taufiq Alibhai
Replied on Oct 11, 2013 - 05:40

I personally am thinking that they should split the license into 2 plans. The first plan, probably consisting of a one time fee should allow for some of the premium features of the application (but not server or cloud based services) to be unlocked (e.g. ability to add notes, label system, task search, project templates, extra project codes, colored labels, etc).

And then they can charge an additional annual subscription for some of the services that they provide (e.g. ability to upload files, task reminders through email and SMS, karma system, backups and ical sync).

Personally I do not see the need to pay an annual subscription for services which I can do without. I would happily purchase the app for $29 as a one time payment. But I do not think I would pay $29 every year for this app