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Web-based "Today" box (like recent Inbox addition) with ability to add non-project tasks AND see project-specific tasks

You know how when you indent projects in the left panel and select the master project, you see in the right panel the master project and all sub-projects and can add to both the sub projects AND the master project?

I like the new Inbox addition and the mobile version suggests there may be a "Today" coming up perhaps?

What about the ability to both view project-specific (pulled) tasks AND a "push" ability to add tasks to the today view that remain "floating" on top and are not attached to any particular project and just random things that come up and need to be done today?

Example: Girlfriend calls asks to buy something on Amazon ... do you need to create a special "Girlfriend" project to input it? Or should I put it into "Computers » Web » Shopping"? Or maybe "Shopping » Web » Amazon?"

The point is its so trivial that just thinking about the structure creates a lot of mental friction, where the only real important feature is that it needs to be done today, regardless of the less important context.