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Killer Feature > Automatic "NEXT ACTION" > [Priority] x [Due Date] x [Task Duration]

I have always been looking for a reliable tool that could indicate the "Next Action" that would be most productive (important vs. urgent) from my list... specially when I am procrastinating.

From all the tools I have used, the simplicity and gamification of Todoist has kept me on top of my todos while enjoying ticking off completed tasks and checking my Karma.

I highly believe that a killer feature for Todoist would be to have a simple, yet powerful "Next Action" folder (like the Inbox), which would give the user a place to process the next most productive task and be awarded at a higher rate, boosting the joy of "getting things done".

1) The perfect approach, in my perception, would be to have as little options as possible and an automatic engine to create a coefficient to sort tasks (ie.: "Karma Priority" coefficient?) by perceived "Priority" x actual "Due Date" x estimated "Task Duration".

2) To give users more power and possibility of personalization to "Next Action" feature, it would be important to have the user do a one-time setup on the weights of each of the 3 variables. As an example:
Urgent Profile > 1st "Task Duration" | 2nd "Priority" | 3rd "Due Date"
Important Profile > 1st "Priority" | 2nd "Due Date" | 3rd "Task Duration"

3) As a natural evolution, the knowledge gathered from the utilization of the feature could be loaded back in the model as a 4th variable to refine "Karma Priority" feature.

4) As a bonus, the feature should with the possibility to be able to post on Social Media that a "Karma Priority" task had been completed by the user, awarding him X Karma points and inviting friends to join Todoist and "compete" on "getting things done" complete tasks