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customizable options for ordering tasks displayed on start page


Could we please have more flexibility in choosing how our own custom start page is ordered? Looking at various suggestions, it seems like some people want overdue tasks at the top of the list, some at the bottom, some with oldest on top, some with most recent on top....

It's great that we can choose what we want shown on our start page in terms of setting a date range and including overdue tasks or not, but you're never going to make everyone happy with a single ordering, so why not give us a couple options to customize things a bit?

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David Trey staff
Replied on Jul 28, 2013 - 06:18

Hello Jess,

Thank you for your feedback. If you set your start page to "today, overdue", you'll see overdue tasks at the bottom, but when you use "overdue, today" overdue tasks will be at the top. You can fully influence the order of any search result if you select "Custom query" and type it in the order you want to see the results.

Best regards,

Jess premium
Replied on Aug 01, 2013 - 04:24

Thanks for the reply, but that's not nearly the level of flexibility I'm looking for, and it doesn't seem like what I'd ideally like to have is possible currently. I'd like to split up the overdue tasks, display some at the top (as an example, say 5 days' worth, in 5 days overdue-4 days-3-2-1 order before today's tasks, tomorrow, etc.) and some at the bottom (say, 6-days-overdue, 7, 8, 9, etc....). Perhaps choose which projects' overdue tasks and upcoming tasks are actually shown on the start page, (5 days' worth of overdue tasks for Projects A, C, & F at the top, 10 days' worth for Projects B, D, E, & G at the bottom, and 10 days' worth of upcoming tasks for Projects A-C & 30 days' worth for D-G in between).

I admit, this is partly arising out of my frustration with the changes in ToDoist, particularly the cavalier attitude displayed in the staff's responses to our complaints. But, the larger issue is that as it stands now I cannot configure a service I paid for in the way I want to use it - which I could when I signed up. So, I'm asking for you to give each individual user the flexibility to set things up the way they want them, rather than forcing us to use options you choose or "just deal with" the very narrow, inflexible options you see fit to provide.