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User-created Styles or Templates to Share


I've never worked with the API before, so I don't know if this is already possible or not. Something that's always in high demand is a good grocery list app. There would be other templates, but I'll leave that your imagination.
For the grocery list template or style that would built with the API, I'd like to be able to have not only the check boxes, but a history of when each item was checked and to be able to delete a specific history line item or disable that tracking altogether, so you know if you bought that leafy green two weeks ago, it should go in the trash and buy a new one.
There'd be a column for prices, and they'd be entered when you used your phone to scan the barcode, or manually entered in the code, with the option of providing a picture of the product. .
Tags would be location specific (produce, aisle 1, etc).
Have a "!" come up next to the price when a local store has it on sale or for a cheaper price, and when you hovered or clicked on the !, a popup or comic book style dialogue/comment box showing the closest stores, distances, and cheapest prices would be listed. If you went through the whole store and a lot of the items were for a cheaper price all at one local store, it could generate a new project list for that store, and comment on how much you'd save. Gas/travel cost could be configured into the API if the user wished to go that far into calculating the opportunity cost of going to another store.
This is just one example of a template. Another could be at work where you'd configure diagrams or charts that corresponded to the tasks you were finishing, or a map of geo-located tasks that were started or completed at different locations.