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Outlook: Update task to latest conversation thread



A suggestion is to have the ability to update a task to the latest email email (sent or received) in the conversion thread in Outlook.

Use case:

1) I send an email to Alice requesting some documents by tomorrow for a project deadline. [Added as a task to follow up tomorrow]

2) Alice replies and says she's too snowed under by work and will have to delay this to the next day.

3) I reply saying this isn't a problem and will follow up again the next day. [Delete existing task and add my email as a new task]

Now in this scenario, I would've needed to delete my original task in (1) and create a new task in (3) as a follow up. Furthermore, if there are more correspondences to this thread and more follow ups are required, I have to keep deleting and creating tasks (even though the original task of getting the document isn't complete yet!).

So would be great if I could click on an email task and update the email task to the latest email in the thread, rather than having to keep deleting and adding new ones.