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View Projects in Multiple Columns



If there any way that tasks could be viewed on the main website in Multiple columns instead of one drop down list? I get a better picture visually of everything that is going on when it is in that format.

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Replied on Jul 08, 2013 - 14:40

I just realized what I meant by this was a Kanban feature! So the ability to move projects along in columns and view them at the same time would be amazing.


Michael Doyle
Replied on Jul 11, 2013 - 07:30

Have it designed like Microsoft Windows 8, where you scroll side to side.

Fast, fluid, no "chrome" (ironically this is not Google Chrome, but it may be intentionally marketed as such) - the publicly marketed design principles of Windows 8.

I could see a Windows 8 app using this feature very well. I have a touch screen laptop (Lenovo x220 convertible tablet), and windows 8, and have been looking forward to a Todoist Win 8 app for quite some time. And yes, staff, I realize I can use Todoist in so many other formats... which I already do. How do you think I've completed so many tasks that I have over 5,000 karma? Lol...

goldtop.mail premium
Replied on Nov 12, 2013 - 16:41

I love the idea of a Kanban version / feature / mashup... Just discovered Kanban system and it's be a great way to have an overview of everything...