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Do simple calculation (and provide constants)


I use todoist's recurring function to remind myself of birthdays, anniversaries, and other ceremonial days each year.

I also put a year at the end of the name of each task item to remind myself of, for example, how old a certain person is. So, the task looks like this:

Dad's Brithday (1953)

Now, of course it's okay for me to do a simple calculation of 2013 - 1953 = 60 to get my Dad's age this year. But it would be fantastic if I could simply program the year part to be [this_year - 1953] and get the age updated and shown to me directly each year.

I'm thinking along the line of using MS Excel's function invocation, in which you type "=calculate()" - quotation marks removed - to perform the calculation.

Thank you! I love the software, by the way. It's simple and fast and has greatly simplified my life.